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Push Button Station / Auxiliary Cable Armour

  • The auxiliary cable armour is a component for reinforcing the waterproof effect between the cable and the cable armour.
  • Since the auxiliary cable armour is an optional component, it should be additionally ordered.
  • It is recommended that the auxiliary cable armour should be mounted in the following conditions:
    1. When the pushbutton switch is installed at outdoor, or in an equivalent place.
    2. When you cannot select the cable armour whose inner diameter is at least 1.5mm (0.059") smaller than the connection cable outer diameter.

ModelApplicable cable outer diameterWeight
HAI-78 - 13mm (0.315" - 0.512")3g (0.106oz)
HAI-1213 - 17mm (0.512" - 0.669")4g (0.141oz)
HAI-1617 - 27.5mm (0.669" - 1.083")5g (0.176oz)
Auxiliary Cable Armour

Push Button Station / Hanging Bracket

  • For hanging push button station with a wire rope, etc. of 4mm (0.157") or more in the outside diameter, the S-shaped ring is available.
  • The material of the hanging bracket (S-shaped ring) is stainless steel. The wire rope, etc. up to 12mm (0.472") can be put.
Hanging Bracket